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The national flag of Tibet is a symbol of the country's independence. It was originally adopted by the independence movement in Tibet in 1949. The flag is a combination of the blue sky, the white snow patch and the red ground, all representing Tibetan culture and identity.
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The Tibetan flag, also known as the Snow Lion flag, was first used in 1912 as a symbol of Tibetan independence. It consists of a white snow leopard standing on a red background, representing the blood of Tibetans who fought for their independence. The flag has since been used as a symbol of Tibetan national identity and independence.
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The national flag of Tibet is a horizontal tri-color flag in blue, red and yellow. The blue stripe is at the top, followed by the red stripe in the middle and the yellow stripe at the bottom. In the center of the red stripe is a white, five-pointed dharma wheel, which is a symbol of Buddhism. The colors of the flag symbolize the Six Paramitas, which are considered the path to enlightenment in Buddhist philosophy. The white star in the center of the Dharma Wheel symbolizes the spirit of the Tibetan people.

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