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The flag of the state of Luxembourg in the country of Belgium is a symbol of European unity. The flag is a combination of the colors red, blue and white, which refer to the three countries France, Germany and Luxembourg. The flag was introduced in 1984 and is a sign of solidarity and cooperation between the countries involved.
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The flag of the State of Luxembourg in the country of Belgium is a symbol of the independence and autonomy of the country. It was first introduced in 1845 and consists of three horizontal stripes in black, red and gold. The colors symbolize the three historical provinces of the country: Luxembourg, Liège and Namur.
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The flag of the Belgian state of Luxembourg is a black-yellow-red tricolor. It consists of three evenly divided stripes: the upper black stripe, the middle yellow stripe and the lower red stripe. The upper black stripe symbolizes the solidarity and unity of the country, the middle yellow stripe represents the natural resources and wealth of the country, while the lower red stripe represents the freedom and democracy of the country.

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