Flaga Guárico

Flaga Guárico, Flaga Guárico
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The flag of the state of Guárico in Venezuela consists of three vertical stripes, each in red, blue and green. In the center of the flag is a white emblem representing an eagle with a shield and a lion. The eagle symbolizes the nation, the shield represents liberation and the lion represents freedom. The flag was introduced in 1980 and represents the identity of the state of Guárico.
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The flag of the state of Guárico in Venezuela was introduced in 1998 and consists of two horizontal stripes of equal size in the colors blue and red. The blue stripe at the top symbolizes hope and guidance from God, while the red stripe at the bottom represents the bravery and blood of the heroes who founded the country. In the center is the official coat of arms of the state of Guárico.
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The flag of the state of Guárico in Venezuela consists of a white cross over a yellow background. In each corner of the cross there is a red rose. The upper left part of the cross is also decorated with a black star. The white cross symbolizes the solidarity and hope of the state of Guárico. The yellow color represents the rich mineral resources that the country has to offer. The red roses symbolize the love and commitment of the people of Guárico. The black star represents the independence and courage of the state.

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