Flaga El Hierro

Flaga El Hierro, Flaga El Hierro
El Hierro
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The flag of the state of El Hierro in the country of Spain is a symbol of unity and solidarity of the island. It is also a symbol of the autonomy of the state. The flag is a blue square with a white cross, which is the symbol of the state.
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The flag of the state of El Hierro in Spain was officially introduced in 1985. It consists of a blue square in which there is a golden trident standing on a white background. The trident is a symbol of the connection between the land and the sea. The flag is also considered a symbol of the independence and freedom of the state.
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The flag of El Hierro, one of the autonomous communities of Spain, is a vertical panorama composed of two equal horizontal stripes in blue and white. The upper stripe is blue, while the lower stripe is white. In the center is a red cross that extends across both stripes. The cross is the symbol of the church, which once played an important role in El Hierro. At the top of the flag is a white pentagon representing the five municipalities of the state.

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