Flaga Menorca

Flaga Menorca, Flaga Menorca
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The flag of the state of Menorca was adopted in 1993. It symbolizes the identity of the state and represents the history, culture and traditions of the island. The flag is blue, white and red and contains the coat of arms of the state.
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The flag of the state of Menorca in Spain was adopted on November 1, 1983. It consists of a red square arranged on a white background. The red square contains four golden stars representing the four historical districts of the country. The flag is a symbol of independence and unity of the state of Menorca.
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The flag of the Spanish state of Menorca consists of a white background with a white cross in the center. The cross is divided into four squares, each separated by a red and a blue line. The upper left and lower right quadrants are white, while the upper right and lower left quadrants are red. In the center of the cross is a square shield that shows the outline of the island of Menorca. The shield is white with a red border.

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