Flaga Kastylia-León

Flaga Kastylia-León, Flaga Kastylia-León
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The flag of Castilla y León is one of the official flags of Spain. It consists of a white cross on a red background, which is a symbol of the Christian faith. The flag is also used as a symbol of the autonomy and independence of the state. It is a symbol of solidarity and cohesion among the citizens of the state.
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The flag of Castilla y León was introduced in 1833. It consists of two horizontal stripes in yellow and red, separated by a white cross. The cross is a reference to the Catholic royal family that ruled Castile-León when the flag was first introduced.
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The flag of the Spanish state of Castile and Leon consists of a white cross on a dark blue background. In the center of the cross is a golden shield showing a double axe and a sword. The double axe and the sword symbolize the Castilians and the Leonese, who together form the state of Castile-León. The dark blue background symbolizes the loyalty and cohesion of the two peoples.

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